Tiger (dreamtigress) wrote in computertech,

Odd CPU fan

I have a frankenstein system, built by a friend, with a rather noisy CPU fan. I figure, no problem, check the size and buy a newer, quieter fan. And  that's when I discovered the weird... The fan that sits on the heatsink does not have standard spaced holes, and the bracket it screws into  is attached to the heatsink. I don't want to change out the whole thing, just replace the fan, but I haven't been able to find a replacement fan that looks like it would work.

What I have = a round, 80mm fan with screw channels set at a rectangle of 60mm and 70mm; it has a 3 pin power connector. I have searched many different ways on Google, Newegg, etc. and can't find a similar fan. Every fan I find has square/standard spaced holes.
The only markings on the current fan are = T CPU Cooler DC 12v brushless Made in China

Anybody have some helpful advice for finding a quieter replacement fan that will fit ?
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