ahavasky (ahavasky) wrote in computertech,

Seagate crash


I have a very new Seagate FreeAgent DESK for mac external harddrive, 1 tb.

The other day at school it kept flashing the "device removal" warning, but I didnt do anything to it.

I got a firewire 400/800 cord and the drive popped up on my computer, but it was missing the contents of the folder I was working in when it started having problems.

THATS when I called apple care, and then after all the things they tried and the tests they did, it didnt show up on my computer at all anymore.

I went into the mac store tonite and they said that I would need data recovery, and that it was going to be craaaaaaaazy expensive.

Any advice?

How do you all back up files?

I am a photographer and have tons of files......nothing backed up (I know this was bound to happen)

Is there a cheaper way to get the files off of my harddrive?
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