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Windows 8

I decided to put Windows 8 on a Dell XPS M1710. I installed a brand new 128 GB Solid State Drive. Installation was fairly painless.

But, activating Windows 8 was a HUGE hassle. I had to slog through a guy's east-indian accent for 37 soul-killing minutes to get the issue resolved. The product key wasn't working for some unknown and unexplained reason. Yuck.

Navigating the new menu system is clumsy and unintuitive. IE loaded in full screen mode and the keystoke shortcuts weren't working. I couldn't start a new tab. I figured out how to use the charm thing on the right to tell it to view on the desktop and then IE looked more like I'm used to.

I do like how it comes with antivirus built-in. It's called Windows Defender but it uses the same code and interface as their Microsoft Security Essentials.

I also like how when missing a driver, it asked if it should connect to Dell's website to get the best driver and then it did. It connected, found the driver and installed it. Brilliant!

Anyone else have any Windows 8 experiences or tips?
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Seems like a lot of control is taken away from the user. Lack of contextual menus is really frustrating.

I can dig that MS and Apple are pushing for application-driven interfaces as opposed to file system operations, but Win8 is really not making it flow well.

It's like they're treating computers like mobile devices were you use one app at a time.
Yep the patch for me that fixed it was WIndows 7 :-)
Heh! Yep. If this was my only machine I'd be right there with ya. But since I'm in IT for a living and Windoze 8 isn't going away, I have to learn how to set it up and use it. Fortunately, I have the luxury of an extra laptop with good enough hardware to test the latest and "greatest".
Built-in antivirus, near-automatic driver detection/installation... Sounds fairly luser-friendly aside from the menu system...Which logically means that I would absolutely hate it. ;) Glad you did a review on it. Kudos, good sir.