Alfiedude (onionhead) wrote in computertech,

Mint 14 "Cinnamon"

I'm posting from a Mint 14 box, running the "Cinnamon" interface. I'm loving it!

I'm using a GForce 210 graphics card and it was simple to change out the drivers to the Nvidia one.

The menus flow nicely and it installed with no problems whatsoever. I got up and running straight away to do a few simple but important tasks.

1) web browsing. Firefox is the default and of course it comes with the plugins and such so it was even quicker to get going than a windows box.

2) photo management and editing. Gthumb is the default and it's organization is intuitive and tight. It offers very simple and elegant editing, which is fine by me. It comes with the gimp, of course, but that's way beyond my editing skills or ambitions (so far). Gthumb also can upload to facebook and flickr (and a couple of other sharing places) which is what I need.

3) streaming music. I downloaded the unsupported beta of spotify and since I had signed up on my windows box previously, it had my home library listed and ready to go. And since I signed up with my facebook id, it is showing what I listen to on fb. Fact is, this unsupported beta works better on this Mint box than on my windows 7 machine. I have had all kinds of problems with songs not playing under windows. But I can listen to my whole library under mint. Too cool!

4) video playback. I actually haven't tested this yet, but Cinnamon comes with VLC and a couple of other video programs so I know that should be no problem.

5) Urban Terror. I love this game. I downloaded the newest version, which is 4.2 and it ran horribly until I changed out the drivers to the Nvidia "unsupported". After that, gameplay is smooth as you please. However, I also tried the previous version (4.1.1) because my "home" servers are on that version and I can't play it so far. There's an issue with the cursor moving erratically and showing boxes of "missing texture" tiles (kind of like red, white and blue squares) and I can't seem to click the menu items. Frustrating and I haven't found a solution for it, yet. But if I have to live with only 4.2, it's no big deal.

I've yet to set up a printer on it, but will get to it eventually. So for now, I'm considering Cinnamon a win and I think I will use it a lot on my secondary work pc (seperate from the domain and no proxy server *wink, wink*).
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