Alfiedude (onionhead) wrote in computertech,

What's your digital life look like?

Sorry to anyone who still pays attention to this community. I was AWOL from LJ for awhile and the spam posts piled up in here. I'll keep it cleaner, I promise.

Just curious what gear and services folks are using mostly in their day-to-day digital lives.

Currently, I am using:

Macbook Pro for photo editing in Lightroom and iPhoto.
Windows 7 Dell desktop at home for downloading stuff and for gaming. I play a little Urban Terror or Unreal, my son uses it more than me for Minecraft and Sims 3.
Windows 7 at work for my workstation as well as the dozens of desktops I support. Mostly Dell, a few HP and Lenovo notebooks.
Linux Mint on an HP Mini just for web surfing and tinkering with new versions of Mint or Ubuntu.

CAMERAS (Preference in this order)
Canon 7D DSLR
Nikon D90
Canon Rebel XT
Lumix FP1

iPhone 6 -- recently upgraded from 4S. I do a lot of photo editing with PS Express and Snapseed. I use photo sharing apps like Instagram, Flickr and EyeEm.

iPad Mini -- I use this for watching streaming video and for listening to music and a little photo editing.
iPad 2 -- my kids use this for games and youtube/netflix.

Amazon Prime Video
Pandora One (mostly)
Spotify (not so much)
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